90% Of burglars enter by kicking in the front door

Protect your family

Protecting your loved ones and valuables has always been a top priority for you and it should be.


SECURE UR DOORS manufactures a Steel Reinforcement Package that will do just that.  


Now more than ever it's time to take whatever measures you can to make it as difficult as possible for an intruder to enter your home.


Having a Secure UR Doors installed on your door will make it almost impossible for an intruder to enter your home through that door.


The cost of the product and installation is not expensive. The average job runs between $175 - 200 depending on the condition or your door and it only takes about and hour. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.





Safeguard your valuables 

 "Make it as hard as possible to enter your home in the first place"


Reinforcing the entry ways to your home is a wise and necessary step to safeguard your home.  


Home improvement stores are increasingly offering more products and gadgets designed to make it more difficult for burglars to enter by simply kicking in the front door.  Some of the products work well and some not so well reviews show. Some require tools and time that the average person simply doesn't have.


With SECURE UR DOORS installed  you can rest knowing you're valuables are protected. 



Prevent home invasions

Experts agree alarms can help, but they only go off once an invasion has already occurred.


Homes with alarms are burglarized everyday. Neighbors have become too accustomed to alarms going off and no longer pay much attention to them.    


If an alarm company calls for help it could take the police 20 minutes or longer to arrive. By then the intruders are long gone with your valuables. 


Cameras are often considered the best deterent but most times all they do is allow you to see the burglar entering and leaving with your property.


Again the police say the best way to protect yourself is make it as hard as possible to enter in the first place.  

Steel Reinforcement Protection

Crucial to stopping intruders designed for UR home doors

Safety tips for securing your home

Is your home a target?



When your home is burglarized you loose valuables and precious keepsakes but more importantly, if you're in your home at the time, you may even loose your life. Loosing the peace of mind and the sense of safety you believed your home provided is a devastating blow. 

Here is a list of 10 top safety tips to make your home less of a target and make potential intruders want to look elsewhere 



2.    Never leave you home without checking that all doors are locked including the dead bolts

3.    Make sure all windows are tightly closed and locked 

4.    Always have each entry / exit points well lighted

5.    Trim trees and shrubs back to fully expose the doors

6.    If traveling always have a neighbor pick up newspapers and mail or have delivery temporarily stopped

7.    Have neighbors bring trash cans in off the street after pick up

8.    Keep and eye out for strange cars that maybe looking for vulnerable targets

9.    Get to know your neighbors and what kind of cars they drive and their habits

10.  Get involved in your local Neighborhood Watch Program