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About Us

There’s nothing worse than coming home to find your home broken into and your most treasured and valuable possessions stolen. Even worse is hearing there was a HOME INVASION on your street and someone was badly hurt. Statistics show that 90% of the time the intruder entered by simply kicking in the front door. At SECURE UR DOORS, we're working to make that next to impossible.


SECURE UR DOORS is committed to protecting your loved ones, safeguarding your valuables, and preventing intruders from entering your home.  We accomplish this by installing a Steel Reinforcement Package on your door that makes it nearly impossible for an intruder to kick in that door.


Now is the time for you to have one of our Steel Reinforcement Packages installed on the door of your home or apartment. With all the crime and burglaries going on is your home safe? In the US, HOME INVASIONS

while the home owner is present are no longer uncommon. In fact home invasions are on the rise as people become more desperate and the economy more unstable.


Our Steel Reinforcement Package

For doors is a product much needed by the general public and it's affordable.  Customers often thank us for the added protection and peace of mind we provide them.  


Our product is not just for individual residences. It's an excellent tool for protecting multi-family properties such as Condos, Townhome's, and Apartments.


To set up an appointment for an installation or to inquire about the small business opportunity, just call or text 210-275-2677 and leave message for Mike or email

*** SECURE UR DOORS is Big on Small Business Opportunities ***


As we're growing we have INSTALLER OPPORTUNITIES all across the US !!!

If you're a CONTRACTOR of any kind or a HANDY MAN that's already working with home owners, by adding SECURE UR DOORS to your

product line or services, you can greatly increase your overall revenue with very little investment. Call and ask for Mike to learn more.

to schedule your install
or order product

call 210-275-2677


Happy Couple

Jonathan and Ginny

“We've had several breakins in our area even though it seems to be a safe neighborhood so we wanted to secure our home because were out visiting grandkids and go to church functions alot.  With SECURE UR DOORS installed we feel our property and valuables are much safer."

Woman Smiling in Suit

Carol M

“I don't have the tools to install this type of product.  Besides, I'd much rather spend my time working in my garden or improving my yard.  My neighbors watch my home but they're not always available.  I chose to have an installer with SECURE UR DOORS install mine and after seeing how it works I feel much safer already. Thanks!

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